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8fl oz Red Line - Honey Chipotle Seasoning


Ignite your taste buds with our Red Line Honey Chipotle blend. This blend is a symphony of flavors that’ll set your culinary creations on fire, with a medium heat that delivers just the right amount of kick. Picture the thrilling harmony of smoky chipotle peppers and the golden richness of honey coming together in perfect balance. Red Line adds an irresistible depth of flavor to your dishes that pairs seamlessly with everything in your kitchen. Whether you’re grilling up meats, spicing up vegetables, or looking to enhance the flavor of your favorite snacks, Red Line is your go-to companion. It’s a blend that transcends boundaries and makes every meal an extraordinary experience. Medium heat. Quality ingredients, not just salt and sugar like many on the market. Gluten Free, No GMO. Processed in a facility with no risk of cross contamination. Packaged in an 8fl oz PET container. More info and customer reviews: