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Calliope Heart Vase

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The cute little Calliope vase is a bright speckled red with a button heart on the front! This handmade vase is crafted by Haitian artisans and is perfect to hold a bouquet of your favorite blooms. 

The Calliope Heart Vase  is part of our Be the Change collection. A portion of all sales from this collection is donated to the Teach a Man to Fish Organization. Teach a Man to Fish is a foundation based in Joplin, Missouri that shares Jesus through hope and opportunity. Many items in the Be the Change collection are also handmade in Haiti by Haitian artisans. 

MATERIALS: Pure Haitian Clay Food Safe, Lead Free Glaze


FEATURES: Unique Size Vibrant Colors & Patterns Sturdy Handle

DIMENSIONS 6.5" tall

CARE & CLEANING Handmade Mugs should be handled with care. Clean with soap and water. Dishwasher and Microwave use is NOT recommended.