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Holly Ansley

Posted on January 21 2023


Life sure has a way of throwing you curveballs. I’ve never been the most athletic girl in the group, let’s be honest I was usually the least athletic in the group, so the last several months have been an exercise in training and getting in the batter’s box anyway.

 I sat down at the end of 2022 with a cup of coffee & a blank notebook to do some serious introspection. (By the way, does anyone else just love a fresh, unused, brand-new notebook? I’m kind of a stationary geek like that.)  I looked at where I started, where I was, & where I wanted to be at the end of 2023. I started writing what I envisioned, how I wanted to get there & what I needed to get there; everything looked like perfection on paper. I closed out 2022 and took the first several days of 2023 to do inventory, deep clean the storefront and reset with new & hand-picked styles just for you girls!


One of my fave new arrivals is the Marley Corduroy Top~ She’s a lightweight corded top that will layer with all your fave graphics! You can get yours in Berry or Olive in store, online & in the app! 



I called Britney in for a staff meeting to plan and to let her in on my goals for the year. I’ll take this time to give her a gigantic shout out just for being her! Plus, having another person to have a meeting with is way better than just taking to myself like I used to! We got our calendars out along with our big office white board and started scheduling releases, photo days, and Ladies Night events. We had a PLAN! We were on fire for the year about how to better serve our customers and stand out as a customer fave when they were out boutique shopping. We wrapped up the meeting ready to tackle this year head-on. I went home feeling like I’d conquered 2023 already and it was only a few days into January! 

If you hadn’t guessed it already, this is where that curveball comes in to play. The morning after our meeting I was up, got ready and was headed downstairs to tackle the day. I had my coffee in my hand, my hair & makeup ready (my sister-in-law commented at least I looked good on my trip to the ER!) & was excited to kick 2023 in the rear-end! I rounded the corner to walk down the stairs and I felt my feet go out from under me, my coffee flew, my butt hit the stairs (HARD) and I proceeded to tumble down the entire flight of stairs… All 13 wooden stair. I came to laying in a puddle of coffee with not a clue how I was going to move, get up & get myself some help. I managed to call Brad on the phone. He was out of town so he called his mom. She came over called my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and between the three of them they got me to the car and to the hospital. After telling what happened about 10 times, x-rays, a CT scan & pain medicine (so thankful for that) they determined I did not have a broken hip and I didn’t hit my head. Diagnosis: broken tailbone. Broken Tailbone = HUGE Curveball.

I’m 15 days in with a broken tailbone and it has temporarily wrecked my HUGE 2023 plans. I’ve been on my couch in 132 weird positions to try to keep pressure off my behind because it hurts worse than anything I’ve ever done. I moped for the first 6 days because all my 2023 plans had derailed. Day 7 came around and I decided no more moping. Life happens. It’s how we handle it that matters the most. I had Brad scoot furniture & bring more pillows and I started working on my computer, I revamped the app & am currently about halfway through completely redoing the website! I was reminded that one bad day does not have to mean more bad days. I can be up and moving for a few hours a day now and the rest of the time I’ve enjoyed reading, watching all 4 seasons of Yellowstone (wow, that’ll be a whole other blog!) & working on things I’ve put off for literally years because I was too busy. The downtime has been good for my heart, my soul & my mind. Instead of moping about it, I’m going to rejoice in it and I decided last night THAT is how you swing at a curveball & hit a home run!



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