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Just a Little Leap of Faith

Holly Ansley

Posted on August 17 2016

I'm not sure where to begin because I'm by no means a blogger, but here goes!  The title of my blog may be a bit misleading because I'm currently in the process of taking a HUGE leap of faith!  My dreams started to become a reality about 6 months ago.  With a huge amount of encouragement and support from my husband and family, I decided to take my work-from-home business and make it into a real live boutique.  I've been repurposing home décor, designing embroidered items and vinyl graphic tee's for about 4 years.  I've slowly built a small business in my mother-in-law's quilt shop and through Facebook and Etsy.  Beginning about a year ago I became busier and set my sights on "someday" stepping out and opening a real store. I had no idea that someday would come only a year later and my dream would quickly become a reality.

My husband (Brad) has been a huge motivator and driving force behind this crazy idea also.  (Not to mention he's handy to have around to move the heavy stuff!)  He's taken me all over the 4 states to chase after display furniture, made display clothing racks and tables, sanded, painted and otherwise been my biggest cheerleader.  I can't even imagine this adventure without him!  Over the past month we've had some great times getting ready for our opening on November 1.  I am starting to think he is more ready than me though, just so he can have his garage back!  I've packed A LOT of boutique items in there this month :)

I could never have gotten where I am today without him, my family and all of my loyal customers who've became my friends as well.  I cannot wait to open and continue this awesome journey with you all!





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